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Aaron Douglas Mural

By Azura Credit Union


Every year, Topeka enjoys the talent displayed at the wonderful, Aaron Douglas Art Fair. But the art fair didn’t start until after the completion of the captivating Aaron Douglas Mural in 2006 that celebrates its namesake! This mural is located in Tennessee Town at 12th and Lane near Downtown Topeka. If you’ve ever waited at the stoplight at 12th and Lane, look to the left and you simply can’t miss this beautiful piece!

Aaron Douglas was born in Topeka, Kansas in May of 1899 and was a celebrated painter, illustrator and visual arts educator. This particular mural is a reproduction of one of the four panels of, “Aspect of Negro Life: From Slavery Through Reconstruction,” that Douglas finished in 1934. His body of work regularly featured afro-centric imagery and often addressed social issues surrounding race and segregation.



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