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Oakland Murals

By Azura Credit Union

Oakland community pride is a thing of beauty. Located in East Topeka, you’ll find a beautiful tapestry of passionate and compassionate citizens who actively advocate for the Latino community. The Topeka community turns out as a whole during Fiesta Mexicana to celebrate all of Oakland. Fiesta is a week-long celebration each July to celebrate the Hispanic culture and tradition in Topeka. The festival raises funds to pay Our Lady of Guadalupe's share of Holy Family School expenses.

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On top of Fiesta, you’ll also find several staggeringly beautiful murals dedicated to celebrating the Latino community. Murals created on Our Lady of Guadalupe’s walls by Michelle Cuevas-Stubblefield and Wes Baxto still stand today. Similarly, you can enjoy much larger murals created by Maria Guzman and Jamie Colon celebrating and featuring Colon’s grandparents, Domingo and Antonia Lopez. These murals can be found at the intersection of Seward and Lake in Oakland.Oakland1





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