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Ten Things I Learned at my First Internship

By Azura Credit Union

This year, I experienced my first internship. Internships can help you prepare for the future in many ways. Here are the top ten things I learned at my first internship:

Student girl with trainer working on computer and tablet

1. Internships give you the experience and exposure of a “real world” workplace.

2. Before you take college classes in your “dream job,” an internship can help confirm if you are even interested in a specific career path!

3. Being an intern will give you the confidence you need to excel in whatever career you choose!

4. In the words of Smash Mouth you can “Get Paid!”

5. The people in the workplace are excited that you are there! They are very welcoming and eager to help you learn the ropes and settle in. You are joining the team with lower pressure and entering with a group of people ready to teach you. You aren’t on your own, they are there to help you succeed.

6. Spoiler: You may find out that you don’t actually like your dream job. (Sorry)

7. Being an intern looks great on a resume. Even if your internship is in a different field than your professional aspirations.

8. It tells future employers that you are experienced, professional, and committed.

9. You can intern more than once! Start early! If your internship is a match they can ask you back or it can be platform to getting another internship.

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10. Before you go to college or 

before you finish your general education credits, be an intern! Internships prepare you for real world jobs, and it is a chance to confirm your educational goals are in-line with your professional ideals.

Bonus #11 - they might let you write a blog! Thanks for reading from a “real world” intern. - Ellynor George

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