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The Azura Employee Foundation Kicks Off Their Inaugural Giving

By Azura Credit Union

Azura Credit Union's vision includes "improving more lives." Our associates have been working hard to live that vision with the creation of our Azura Employee Foundation (AEF). On May 1st, our "Azura-versary" and May Day, the AEF committee chose to celebrate by giving their first grants to local non-profits. Read on to learn about the AEF and the grants given on May 1st, 2019. 

What is the Azura Employee Foundation?

AEF Foundation Logo2For the past year, employees have been pooling their funds to launch the Azura Employee Foundation. The foundation was formed by employees as a way to support and give back to the community with a focus on improving more lives. The foundation is overseen by ten employees who serve terms on the committee. The employees serving on the committee come from a variety of locations and departments within the credit union. The foundation plans on funding grant requests twice a year. The committee works directly with all employees to poll their preferences on community giving and organizations in need of assistance. The grants are facilitated through an invitational RFP request as suggested by employees.

Who received funds on May 1st, 2019 and for what purpose?

On May 1st, the AEF was thrilled to provide a total of $7,500 in grants to three fantastic organizations. Each chosen organizations received $2,500 to fund a variety of projects that focus on bettering our community. These include:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka


Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka will be utilizing the funds to support the community food pantry in East Topeka. According to Citydata.com the pantry serves a population where over 28% of residents live below the poverty level. The food pantry is run by Teen Club members, under the guidance of their nutrition coordinator, and through a partnership with Harvesters.

Housing and Credit Counseling Inc.


Grace Med and HCCI are partnering up to provide financial counseling to Grace Med clients in need. The program will run from July 2019-June 2020. Funding will cover basic needs for households to budget, manage income and community resources wisely so they may attain and sustain financial stability.

The Hope HouseAEF2

Hope House Ministries through their partnership with Open Door Anti-Trafficking, rescue, support and protect victims of Human Trafficking. Funds will enable them to provide clean clothing, purchase an electric heater and provide healthier food choices to the community.

The Azura Employee Foundation will continue to meet quarterly to review grant requests and fund them twice a year. If you have any questions, please reach out to Katie Beach, Community Development Manager.



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