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Is Black Friday Shopping Worth the Hassle?

By Azura Credit Union

Q: I'm an avid sales shopper, but after so many Black Fridays spent fighting crowds to chase down deals and often coming home disappointed, I wonder if it's all worth it. Should I give up on Black Friday shopping?

A: Black Friday has long been hailed as the biggest shopping day of the year, but consumers are rethinking its value. Let's look at the pros and cons of being a Black Friday shopper so you can make an informed decision.

holiday shopping


What are the advantages of Black Friday shopping?

  • Deep discounts. Black Friday certainly brings some great sales that can help you save significant money on items you need or want.
  • Extra Rewards Credit Card Points: Financial institutions often have rewards cards or special deals for shopping. At Azura, our Visa Rewards Credit Card+ offers 5x the points on all purchases made on Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, and Cyber Monday.*
  • Get a head start on holiday shopping. If you're eager to start crossing items off your list, you'll likely want to begin your gift-buying on the first day of the shopping season. 
  • Limited time offers. Some of the most attractive deals are only available on Black Friday or during the holiday season. 
  • In-store shopping. For some shoppers, browsing online sites from home can't compare to the thrill of in-store shopping on Black Friday. 


What are the disadvantages of Black Friday shopping?

  • Prices may not be at their lowest. With all the hype, Black Friday prices are not necessarily the lowest price an item might see this season. 
  • Doorbusters are often overrated. The heavily advertised doorbusters at big stores are usually offered in very limited quantities. You'll probably miss out unless you camp out in line to be first in the store. 
  • Crowds and chaos. The massive crowds and chaotic scenes you'll likely encounter on Black Friday are enough to make many shoppers sleep in late and get their shopping done even later.
  • It's no longer the biggest shopping day of the year. Many stores run Black Friday deals from a few days before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, so Friday isn't the only day to score these deals. 
  • You can get the same deals online. Most Black Friday deals can be found online–minus the crowds.

Use the information outlined here to make an informed decision about Black Friday shopping.


+Subject to Credit Approval

*All purchases on Black Friday November 24, 2023, Shop Small Saturday November 25, 2023, and Cyber Monday November 27, 2023 will earn 5x Rewards points. This is not combined with any other point offer. Qualifying purchases include retail purchases. Points may be deducted from points balance if items are returned for card credit. Cash advances, transfers, ATM transactions or PIN transactions do not qualify. 

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