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Considering Homeownership? Ask these 5 Questions First

Buying a home can be an exciting milestone in your life, and it's essential to educate yourself on the financial implications of...

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Out in the Open - Landscaping is Key to Your Home's Value

You don’t have to get away to the great outdoors. The best outside spaces could be in your own back—or front—yard.


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5 Tips for A Successful Home Buying Experience

If you are looking for a new home this year, our home loan team has five tips to help you feel confident with the home buying...

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Q&A: Am I really ready to buy a house?

Q:I’ve saved a down payment, narrowed my choices of neighborhoods and drawn up a wish list of what I’m looking for in a home,...

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8 Ways to Spot a Home Improvement Scam

If you’re hiring a contractor to make improvements on your home, be alert! Home improvement scams are more common than you may...

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